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The preparation of individual injections and infusions can be prone to errors

Ready-to-Use injectable medicines require no further dilution or reconstitution before transfer to an administration device. For example, a sterile liquid medicine in a glass vial, in the required concentration, only needs to be drawn up into a syringe and therefore reduces the potential for errors to occur. They can also reduce the possibility of particle infiltration and contamination.

Advantages of ready-to-use solutions:

   delivery of the right drug in the right concentration and in the right presentation
   reducing risk of medication errors
   reducing risk of contamination
   improving patient safety
   reducing workload for nursing staff, releasing time for patient care

Some of our Ready-to-Use solutions

With a keen focus on patient safety, hameln has developed a range of Ready-to-Use products which help minimise risks when preparing and administering injectable medicines. These products are supplied in easy to store 50 ml vials for use in intensive care units, and are available in drug infusion concentrations in line with the Intensive Care Society’s recommendations on standard medication infusion concentrations in critical care areas1: