What's "behind" all this?

Correct and timely labelling of syringes can help. Our 50 ml Ready-to-Use vials can be provided with a Double-layer label* in our specific packaging design and a syringe label reflecting national and international standards.

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Your Plus for parenteral drugs

hameln pharma plus gmbh is a supplier of high-quality parenteral drugs. Our range is focussed on products for intensive care medicine and anaesthesiology.

Excellent packaging design

To meet the requirements of international drugs markets, our packaging design follows the current (German) guidelines and was awarded the 2008 Packaging Prize by the Congress of the German Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ADKA). Our packaging design helps in the precise and safe administration of drugs.

About hameln plus

About hameln plus

Our parenteral drugs are today used in more than 35 countries throughout the world. From Europe via the Middle East and Asia, through to Africa and North and South America, doctors, pharmacists and healthcare workers rely on our know-how and experience in the area of parenteral formulations, in particular in anaesthetics. There are good reasons for this!

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